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May 2019
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The Show
Discover French Polynesia, Tahiti and its costumes, Polynesian people and the navigation
Polynesian, culture, Danse, Ori Tahiti, Tourism, Tahiti
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The Show


You enter now the special spirit of French Polynesia: ‘Te Mana’

Seated in our Auditorium, facing the Lagoon with an exceptional Marae (Tahitian temple) in the Background, you will enjoy this unique Show.

During more than an hour you will travel in the Pacific Islands by canoe with our Tahitian crew, during this trip you will discover many different cultures of the area: New Zealand, Hawaii, Samoa Island.

A long time ago, in a Polynesian village led by a high priest, a warrior went on a fishing session and found a beautiful pearl.

Receiving the beautiful pearl, the chief decides to send his warriors abroad to look for a giant mother-of-pearl in order to restore the pearl to its natural home.

The warriors then went in their canoes to cross the oceans and bring back this treasure to the village.


The first island they came across was the beautiful Hawaii, where they discovered the Hawaiian culture and beautiful dances.

Not finding the coveted mother-of-pearl they continued their journey, landed on a new island and discovered the culture of the Samoan people, as well as their ancestral dances.

Once again, the mother-of-pearl could not be found.

Using the force of their arms and oars they crossed the oceans again and discovered the Maori people and the New Zealand territory.

At this moment they saw deep sown the water the magnificent mother-of-pearl. Thanks to their skillful technique, they managed to get it out of the water and brought their treasure back to Polynesia.

To celebrate their discovery they danced with the Maori people the Haka, dance of victory.

Back to their homeland territory, they opened the mother-of-pearl to fit the exceptional black pearl. What was their surprise when a young woman awoke from her dreams, asleep in this enclosure since the dawn of time.

Love soon overwhelmed the warrior and the young woman, who soon married in the purest Polynesian tradition.

Their wedding was soon celebrated by all the community gathered and united around the newlyweds.