PK 31 Coté Mer, Haapiti, Moorea

« The Great Polynesian night » from 6PM to 10PM
An unforgetable night in a unique place.
You will be welcomed by Ukulele and local cocktails at your arrival.
You will then learn how precious the coconut is for the islanders and how we use it in the everyday life.
Now it is time for you to discover the Polynesian Oven, a typical way of cooking food in the Pacific islands. The Polynesian people would traditionally prepare the ground
oven on Sundays, very early in the morning and open it after church, with the whole family, to celebrate weddings, or family reunions.
You will then go for a cultural visit of the place 20 to 30 minutes to discover some information about Tahitian Culture. It will be an introduction, the culture is so wide and
rich, and you will need to come back during the day to go deeply in the culture.
You will then be placed in our restaurant where you will have the chance to taste the food that you saw in the Tahitian Oven as well as so many other dishes. Everything
you will have at Tiki Village is homemade and cooked with local products and loads of love!
You will have 3 different kinds of buffet to make a culinary travel: cold and warm starters, main courses with the Tahitian oven specialties, and desserts.
Water is included during your meal and you will have a glass of red house wine served after the aperitif (aperitifs as beer, cocktails, sodas or wine are not included).
During the diner you will assist a demonstration of Pareo (sarong) tiding for man and ladies with a local band playing. Be attentive because there is 1 000 ways of tiding the
local sarongs!
After the dinner you will be seated in the auditorium to watch an incredible show, describing the travel of a Tahitian crew in the Pacific Islands. You will literally go on board
with this trip and discover different island in the Pacific: New Zealand, Samoa Island, Hawaii.
Of course the highlight of your evening will be the Fire dance that made the reputation of the Village Worldwide.