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Let’s discover now Polynesia’s deepest spirit: the Mana.

Get on board with our fierce warriors for a trip in the heart of the Pacific islands to discover different cultures: Hawaii, Samoan Islands and New Zealand.

In olden days, in a Polynesian village led by a great priest, a warrior went fishing and found a pearl.

When he came back in the village, the warrior showed the pearl to the chief. The latter immediately decided to send warriors to find a Mother-of-Pearl to be the perfect natural place for this exceptional pearl.

The warriors left on their canoes and searched the oceans in order to bring back that treasure to their village.

The first island they saw was Hawaii where they were bewildered by the Hula, the Hawaiian dance.

As they could not find the Mother-of-Pearl they wanted so much, they went on and landed on another island. There they discovered the Samoan people’s culture, as well as their ancestral dances.

But once again, the Mother-of-Pearl was nowhere to be found.

On and on they rowed across the oceans and met the Maori people in New Zealand.

They were amazed when they eventually saw a wonderful Mother-of-Pearl on the seafloor. Thanks to their skills, they got it out of the water and decided to bring their treasure back to Polynesia.

They celebrated their victory with the Maori people, dancing the traditional Haka.

Back in their home island, the Fenua, they opened the Mother-of-Pearl so that they could place the magnificent black pearl in it. What a surprise it was for them to discover a young woman lying in the shell, waking up from her dreams.

The warrior and the young woman immediately fell in love, and got married in the best Polynesian tradition.

Their love was much celebrated, and all the villagers and the young married couple lived together, more united than ever.