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Tiki Village Show Review by the Petit Futé

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The Tiki Village is the reconstruction of a Polynesian village. Visitors are invited to visit ten traditional houses, the fares, each of them showing an activity representative of the Maohi culture. Four nights a week, you can attend a stunning show. The tickets can seem expensive at first sight, but the quality of the show’s worth every penny! In a several acts performance, you will be told the story of a princess, with magical Polynesian songs and dances, including the fire dance. The spectators will be invited to dance the sensual and exhausting tamure in a very friendly atmosphere. You will enjoy it! Today, about forty Polynesian people, artists and their families, live in the Village. Visitors are always welcomed with smiles and flower necklaces. The show is very famous today. You can also enjoy a meal in the village’s restaurant: a self-served buffet. Unfortunately, this is not gourmet cooking. That’s why many tourists choose to only watch the show. And this is a very good idea as the show is definitely interesting.

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